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Do you want to join the Lørn team?

WE ARE ON A MISSION TO REINVENT LIFELONG LEARNING. This superfast world should not leave 90% workers behind. Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. A good lørning habit defines your future.


We are a startup, and need people that are independent, motivated, and share our vision. Our motto is: CARE, DARE, DELIVER.
  • Extremely passionate for the problem of lifelong learning for all
  • Extremely capable and learnable in their own fields (tech, teaching, project delivery)
  • Extremely robust so they can deal with a low-structure environment and grow with us
  • Extremely generous with their knowledge and time
We can’t promise you great salaries or corporate perks. But we can promise you a ride of a lifetime.
This is a possibility to change the world to a better place, and develop the next Spotify platform with an additional purpose. You will need to solve complex, new problems, and grow fast in your role, as fast as we grow.
If you want to:
  • work in the forefront of platforms, Ai and gamification
  • discover new digital pedagogics for professionals
  • create new local learning markets in all geographies
  • build scalable event-based serverless micro-services
  • learn something new every day, across 50 topics in tech, society and business
  • fix the biggest problem in the world

Junior / trainee roles to be filled

Digital marketing

Structuring campaigns, developing strategies for all SoMe channels, automation of reporting and marketing

Sale and administration

Coordination of sales processes and up-sales management, customer reporting

Platform development

Scalable event-based serverless micro-services, HubSpot development, AI- and gamification- development

Text writing and editing

Post-production of summaries and analysis of individual cases, topic-summaries, annual reports, newsletters

Video production

Editing and improvement of case-videos, video explainers, new formats on TikTok

Applications support

Co-writing major applications for large projects, with vision, milestones, roles and budgets

Graphics and UX

Project work and experimentation of graphics and UX for better digital learning

Project management

Ongoing projects related to customers or internal development

IT testing and web development

Reviews and structured test programs for web, platform, apps and services

Senior roles to be filled

Chief Event Officer

Development and management of new digital events in the post-corona hybrid conference system

Chief Public Sector Officer

Driving lifelong learning as politics for employees, employers, society and educational institutions

Chief University Officer

Management of students and diplomas

Chief Partner Officer

Development of partners with more than 5.000 students on LMS, recurring annual projects

Chief Customer Success Officer

Management of customer projects during and after production, ensuring traffic and learning KPIs

Chief Marketing Officer

Strategy and automation of digital and manual marketing processes to reach 1M subscribers and 1M diplomas

Chief Operating Officer

All internal processes, including finance, HR, management structures and tools, organisational development

Chief Revenue Officer

All sales processes, including corporate, university, unions and clusters

Chief Technology Officer

Leadership of development team, project based, lean, agile and devops